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Margaret Herlehy
Cafe 1930

Café 1930 includes choros & sambas by Pixinguinha, Bandolim and Machado.
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Ryan Parker Big Band
Swingin' for the Holidays

Producer and pianist Ryan Parker in collaboration with arranger and director Steve Guerra bring you a selection of Holiday Classics arranged for big band featuring amazing vocalists and instrumentalists
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Ryan Parker Big Band
Get Happy

A big band tribute to Clark Terry.
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The Back Bay Guitar Trio
The Journey

The Back Bay Trio's latest album. Cover art by Mary Buergin
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David Newsam & Emily Musty
Songs in the Key of Em

Dave and Emily team up for this disc that's been described as "easy listening with a clear jazz edge."
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Boston Classical Guitar Society
Sunday Sounds Special

This CD commemorates ten years of beautiful music at the Hingham Public Library.
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The Back Bay Guitar Trio
The Back Bay Guitar Trio

Nineteen tracks of nylon-string guitar greatness, including arrangements of Bach, Mozart and even Jobim!
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Lauren Wool
Here With Me

Inventive arrangements of original jazz and pop music frame this one-of-a-kind voice.
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Gergana Velinova & David Newsam
Because of Love 7

Songs about Love, sung by Bulgarian vocalist Velinova, and accompanied by David Newsam on guitar.
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John Mason & Steve Marchena
Music for Two Guitars and More

Featuring four tracks from the Back Bay Guitar Trio with Dave on classical guitar.
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Chris Pandolfi
The Handoff

David makes a guest appearance on this young banjo virtuoso's debut CD. Visit Chris' web site and pick up a copy to hear their collaboration, "Costa Brava".
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